Direct Mail

A medium used by companies/financial institutions etc. for catering information to their dealers/customers/shareholders by the post or courier service. At marketing support services we undertake the awesome task of preparing and dispatching the mail within the specified deadlines given by per clients. All we need is the respective database of people whom the mail will be dispatched form you. The rest is our responsibility. If you are interested but worried about the database, we are here to develop a database of your target market as per your requirements.

Direct Marketing Shots :

It's an advertising medium used by companies for targeting a particular segment or segments of their choice of consumers at incredibly low cost.

The service comprise of putting sales/introductory literature and discount coupons of different products of a company a different companies in an envelope and delivering the same to the residents of a particular area or different areas. This allows the companies to hit right into the bull's eyes without expending huge amounts for the publicity on mass media.