TASK is a direct marketing network backed by an experience of 24 years since 1987 when it was established as an unique independent team that was providing unmatched marketing support to the National & multi national companies, Market research & Advertising Agencies Our core collectively carry a total of over 50 years Experience in the field of Marketing support & fulfillment services in Pakistan.


TASK network consists of much more than the immediate people in the Support services industry. TASK is run by a team of well-experienced people in the field of support services; our core is having collective experience of about 50 years. We are proud of pioneering the fulfillment & support services agencies in Pakistan In past 2 decades we have conducted over 1,05,0000 interviews for more than 500 field surveys and numerous sales promotion and other BTL support activities in which more then 80, 00,000 contacts were made with consumers During this period we have helped to create & develop farmer’s data along of 350,000 villages all over Pakistan, with other research studies. It also includes our vendors because without quality input from our vendors, we cannot provide quality service to our clients. For this reason, we nurture open honest relationships with professional people who understand the importance of quality service that builds the brands. We also consider our clients are also important members of this network. Good work begins with good collaboration based on a thorough understanding of the brand, objectives, and ultimate goals.